The first exhibition we created – we heart paper – was held at the Whitebox Gallery at Griffith University Gold Coast and focused on paper. The exhibition was formed as an idea by Dominique Falla who brought together some of her favourite past and present students of the QCA Gold Coast to take part in a group exhibition. Names we tossed around, but in the end it was decided (after seeing the amazing logo designed by Ashleigh Brennan) that we would call the exhibition ‘we heart paper’.

Given a couple of months to prepare, we all created work to show why we loved paper. The work was varied, intriguing and lovely. After the overwhelmingly positive response from attendees to the show, we decided to make this a regular thing. The we heart collective was born. We would later add some more members and do more shows, but some things would always be the same – we would always ‘heart’ things.

Photos by Camille Santiago.